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Coming from America

Coming Soon

Coming from America follows four American families as they move to Africa in search of a better life and to reconnect with their cultural roots.

kiddie kai

Coming Soon

In North Carolina, three embittered rivals push their Karate schools to the brink in search of glory and bragging rights.

Deaf U

Streaming now on Netflix

Winner of the Critics Choice Award for Best Unstructured Series.  A groundbreaking docu-series that follows college students at Washington DC’s Gallaudet University.

Pig Royalty

Streaming now on Discovery+

One of the most talked about original series on discovery+ follows a multi-generational rivalry that consumes the lives of the Bolero and Rihn pig parents and trickles down to the kids as they compete to have the best, most celebrated pigs in Texas.

Breaking Amish

Streaming now on Discovery+

The most watched first season series in the 50 year history of TLC follows the lives of young Amish adults Amish as they experience the outside world and to decide whether or not they wish to remain with their home communities.

Return to Amish

Streaming now on Discovery+

This spinoff of the wildly successful Breaking Amish franchise follows the cast as they return to their hometowns and try to adjust to living in their Amish communities once again. They come across problems or make choices along the way that interfere with that goal and thus remain shunned for the time being.  Remains one of the highest rated reality shows in the UK, Italy and Brazil.

Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns

Aired on Lifetime and several territories globally

For the first time on TV cameras are allowed inside a convent to follow the loves of five young women in their 20’s as they make a decision whether or not to become nuns.   The Wall Street Journal called the series “entertaining and illuminating” and the Washington Post called the series is "an illuminating exploration of convent life," writing that the show "conducts itself with reverence and curiosity."

Operation Osmin

Streaming now on Fuse and aired in dozens of territories worldwide

Each episode focuses on out-of-shape challengers who participate in grueling, unconventional training from clinically insane Cuban fitness trainer Osmin Hernandez.  In only 30 days he gets his challengers into the best shape of their lives by stalking them 24/7 at home, work and in every aspect of their personal lives.

Amish Mafia

Streaming now on Discovery+

The most watched first season series in the history of Discovery Channel.   Follow the lives of those who protect and police the secretive world of the Amish.

Breaking the Faith

Streaming now on Discovery+

Follow young men and women who escape the polygamous Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  The church is controlled with an iron fist by it’s jailed “prophet” who seeks to control every aspect of the lives of his followers.

Escaping Alaska

Aired on TLC International

This docu-series follows a group of young Inuit adults as they leave their villages for the first time and secretly escape to Southern California, defying the expectations of their families in order to experience life beyond the harsh realities of Alaska. They are a generation torn between their deep-rooted cultural traditions and the modern pop culture of the lower 48 states. This is their story of independence, survival, adventure and forming a new family.

Your Husband is Cheating on Us

Aired on Bravo

Over the course of this docu-series, producer and director JD Lawrence mounts his new production of the stage play Your Husband Is Cheating On Us, implementing unorthodox creative methods with his cast.  His strategies include moving everyone into a house together and injecting real-life experiences from their lives into the script. Additionally, the behind-the-scenes drama between the cast members takes matters to another level that will either make or break the show.

Shark Week

Island of the Walking Sharks

Streaming now on Discovery+

International wildlife conservationist and biologist Forrest Galante travels to the mysterious island of Papua New Guinea to definitively prove that sharks are evolving to walk on land.

Mystery of the Black Demon Shark

Streaming now on Discovery+

Forrest Galante leads his team to Baja Mexico, in search of a giant black shark that's become a legend amongst local fishermen, a 60 foot sea beast known as El Demonio Negro, the black demon shark.  The hunt reveals unique species, remote volcanic islands, and thousands of sharks, but will the legendary El Demonio Negro be captured on film once and for all?

Jaws of Alaska

Streaming now at Discovery+

Something dangerous lies beneath the ice in the arctic waters of Alaska, and it's hungry.  Forrest Galante and his team are traveling to the far north to determine if these attacks are the result of aggressive behavior from the deep water Sleeper shark, the lightning fast Salmon shark, or a completely new, unknown arctic predator.

Land of the Lost Sharks

Steaming now on Discovery+

Wildlife biologist and conservationist Forrest Galante dives into some of the most treacherous, shark-infested waters in the southern hemisphere all in an attempt to rediscover three unique sharks lost to science for as long as 100 years.

Extinct or Alive: The Lost Shark

Steaming now on Discovery+

Wildlife biologist and Extinct or Alive host Forrest Galante and his team search the waters of Sri Lanka searching for the thought to be extinct Pondicherry shark last seen in 1979.   What they find will make make history and news globally.

Wildlife and Adventure

Mysterious Creatures

Streaming now on Discovery+

Wildlife biologist and adventurer Forrest Galante solves mysteries in the animal world in the most daring, dangerous and courageous ways all while helping conservation and the animals thrive.

Extinct or Alive

Streaming now on Discovery+

What if extinct animals weren t really extinct? The methods used to declare a species extinct are not as fool proof as people might assume. The search is on for wildlife adventurer and biologist Forrest Galante, as he explores the real stories behind animals thought to be gone forever and tries to prove their existence….and succeeds!

Impossible Croc Rescue

Streaming now on Discovery+

A giant crocodile whose neck is trapped in a small motorcycle tire has captured the world's attention. Animal expert Forrest Galante travels to Indonesia to take on the ultimate challenge of saving its life.

Face the Beast

Aired on History Channel

Throughout history, there are accounts of predators going on unexplained, killing rampages against humans. Face the Beast probes the most mysterious and macabre mass killings, using new technology that allows investigators to get face to face with dangerous creatures in their own habitat.


Aired on National Geographic

Four modern day couples track their ancestors footsteps and leave behind their lives to establish a homestead on the South Dakota prairie.

True Crime

little lies

Little Lies is a chilling six-part, explosive exposition that takes the audience beyond the tabloid headlines into the mysteries, secrets and little lies that make Natalia Barnett’s story. Through the course of three episodes, both the Barnett’s and Natalia’s first hand account of events are presented, shocking the audience with completely contradictory perspectives and proving there are truly two sides to every story.

My True Crime Story

Airing on VH1

My True Crime Story features first-person accounts from people involved in headline-grabbing crimes. Remy Ma helps tell stories about cases of international smuggling, million-dollar jewelry heists, bank robberies, and drug trafficking.

Elder Skelter

Streaming now on Discovery+

After building reputations as model citizens, loving family members, and contributors to society, these oldies but no-longer-goodies cracked in their final years only to spend the rest of their retirement in prison.

The Plot Against America

Aired on A&E

A&E Investigates: The Plot Against America. - Former FBI Special Agent Dennis Franks tracks down enemy "sleepers" who have been strategically placed throughout America, and builds a case to expose them.

The Spy Who Raised Me

Aired on A&E

Follow the emotional journey of Chelsea Dittrich, the U.S. born daughter of a former American-based Russian spy. Speaking with other children of spies as well as with her own father whose spying activities tore her family apart, she uncovers the effects this clandestine activity has on families and communities as a whole.


Tehran Unveiled

Streaming now on Refinery29

This Telly Award winning series profiles four bold and creative women who reveal how the Iranian government views their art and how oppressive restrictions curb self-expression. Their desire to follow their dreams surpasses their need for well-being, and as a result, these courageous women are risking their livelihoods to tell their stories and change the conversation about a "woman's place" in Islamic society, Iran, and the world.

Wetmarkets Exposed

Streaming now on Vice

Travel to four different continents and see how the wet markets taking place on each not only feed the local community but also put the entire world at risk.

True Life/Now: First-Time First Responders

Aired on MTV

With New York City under siege from the COVID-19 pandemic, this one hour doc follows a team of millennial volunteer first responders as they self-document their lives during their first high-risk EMT shift.

True Life/Now: Obsessed with Being a Kardashian

Aired on MTV

A deep desire to emulate the Kardashian family strains the relationships, finances and careers of three obsessed superfans.

Behind the Headlines: Women of Afghanistan

Streaming now on Refinery29

An in-depth, human look at Afghanistan’s lingering gender inequality crisis. This series spotlights the stories of the women whose lives have been profoundly impacted and are brave enough to believe that their voices must be heard.


American Murder House

 Aired on Lifetime

This house is cursed.  Buy why?  New tenants employ the help of investigators who reveal the chilling backstory behind the undisclosed horrific history of their new forever home.

I Was Bitten: The Walker County Incident

Aired on Animal Planet

Something strange is going on in the woods of Jasper, Alabama.   Daniel Wynn claims to have been bitten by a strange creature and ever since his entire family has noticed his behavior becoming more and more peculiar.   This bizarre, fun and inventive two hour special was the highest rated entry in Animal Planet’s Monster Week.

Amish Haunting

Streaming on Discovery+

The Amish are no strangers to monstrosity in all its dreadful forms, from faceless dolls and possessed children to vengeful ghosts and disgraced spirits. Amish narrators guide viewers on a grim, captivating trip into the Amish crypt, with chilling stories of haunted homes and evil spirits that unleash terror on unsuspecting Amish families.


Amish Witches: The True Story of Holmes County

Streaming now on Amazon Prime, Apple and Vudu

A group of young Amish women solicit the help of a TV crew in an attempt to document the bizarre events seemingly orchestrated by a powerful malevolent force.